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Anna Dalton joins DVAS Gallery

 Anna has been a member of DVAS since 2009. “I attribute me love of painting to being influenced by a wonderful childhood spent in the scenic beauty that is East Gippsland. Constantly observing and wanting to capture my surrounds, I was sketching from an early age. It is to Gippsland and its coastline that I still return time and again, both for reflection and inspiration, my camera always on hand”.


Anna Madyarova

DSC_0268“I was lucky that when I was growing up I had a lot of exposure to art. For over 30 years, my mother has worked as a fine art museum curator, collections manager and educator in a major museum in a Russian city called Izhevsk.”

They have a large collection of local and international artworks, crafts and cultural and historical artefacts, with a focus on work from the local people, Udmurts. I grew up visiting my mum at work, looking up at huge caged walls where paintings were stored, and shelves with drawings, graphics, prints, fabrics, sculptures and books. I still remember my favourite paintings and where they were stored. I loved going to art exhibitions where I would see my mum and her colleagues hang out with artists and sculptors. The museum’s website is at http://www.urmii.ru.

Art is one of the ways to be in present the moment, in the here and now. You think about the colours, shapes and forms, not about what groceries you have to buy or what worries you have. It is extremely important for everyone to express themselves via the media that they find appealing and comfortable – dance, art, music, hobbies, etc (or many of them simultaneously). People need this (and some must do it) for their emotional health, to feel life, let their worries and fears out, and express happy feelings and love. It is a very healthy thing to do, no matter what your skill level. You just do it, so I would encourage everyone. Self-expression and art can be learnt, especially under the guidance of a good teacher. I chose dance and modelling when I was a teenager as my media, and did it for many years. Now I enjoy painting.

I love plants and have a lot of them in my house – live and painted. I feel life flowing and growing when I look at plants. I also like useful things.That is why I take commissions and work with my clients on where they will place the painting, what themes and colours they prefer and what will fit into their space. It is like placing a missing piece in a specific room for those particular people so that it emanates happiness and joy.

I can be contacted via Diamond Valley Art Society and would welcome your queries or orders.

Ellen Jenkins

Ellen Jenkins“I have been working with clay for about nine years now. Hand building with clay is a wonderful 3D  experience and the possibilities are endless. I love using life models where I can just wait for inspiration as to whether I work on a bust or full body pose. I also love to make small animals and characters which cause a laugh or smile.”



Ellen’s “Soaking Feet” is For Sale

Ellen’s “Young Girl Reading” is Sold

Ellen’s “Young Girl Reading” is Sold