Diamond Valley Arts Society Inc.


The Diamond Valley Arts Society has a wonderful array of talented members.

Below are examples of both current and previous members.


Serge Daeffler…

Snow Gums Victoria 24 x 30" framed

I have painted since 1970, initially at the National Gallery of Victoria and then studying with professional artists over the years…

Anna Dalton…

Anna has been a member of DVAS since 2009. “I attribute me love of painting to being influenced by a wonderful childhood spent in the scenic beauty that is East Gippsland. Constantly observing and wanting to capture my surrounds, I was sketching from an early age. It is to Gippsland and its coastline that I still return time and again, both for reflection and inspiration, my camera always on hand”.


Ellen Jenkins…

Ellen Jenkins“I have been working with clay for about six years now. Hand building with clay is a wonderful 3D  experience and the possibilities are endless. I love using life models where I can just wait for inspiration as to whether I work on a bust or full body”

Past members:

Ted Dalton (Vale)

ted-dalton-2“From childhood I was interested in drawing. I used to copy from photographs, usually of film stars on the front pages of a magazines which my sister had. Initially it was just pencil sketches, then later I used watercolour”.

Anna Madyarova.


“I was lucky that when I was growing up I had a lot of exposure to art. For over 30 years, my mother has worked as a fine art museum curator, collections manager and educator in a major museum in a Russian city called Izhevsk.”..

Kate McCredie…

McCreddie1“Colour and light play an enormous part in every painting I do, whether it be a traditional or digital piece. There is a compulsion and need that drives me to paint; to leave my mark and share it with others. And I am rewarded with the deepest sense of accomplishment when I do. Whatever the subject, I hope to convey not just the likeness, but the personality and feeling into my art as well…”