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Serge Daeffler

Serge Daeffler – Painter
Serge Daeffler
I have painted since 1970, initially at the National Gallery of Victoria and then studying with professional artists over the years, namely Dudley Drew, lance McNeill, Gerard Mutsaers.

My medium is oil and acrylic.  I have work in Australia, the USA and NZ.  I have had commissioned work in portrait painting, still life, landscapes, seascapes, snowscapes and florals.

I often paint with fellow artists in various locations around Australia, namely The Flinders ranges, SA, Batemans Bay NSW, The Murray, Vic, Grampians, Mt Hotham, Gippsland and surrounding locations.

At the present time, I am teaching oil painting with the Diamond Valley Art Society. also I have no problem with Acrylic and water colour medium, the rule of achieving good painting do not change in al mediums ( It is a schape, colour & tone ) on how to see that is important !

I am a member of the Heidelberg Art Society and the Diamond Valley Art Society.  I have been a number of numerous art societies, i.e. AGRA, The Victorian Art Society and Bendigo Art Society.