Diamond Valley Arts Society Inc.

Past Events

8th April 2016: Narina Lascelles Demonatration

nerinaNerina is an accomplished Melbourne Artist who has been exhibiting in Australia and Internationally for over 20 years. The Diamond Valley Art Society was pleased to offer members and local artists the opportunity to attend a demonstration by Nerina Lascelles on Friday  8th April at 7pm at the DVAS Rooms Nell St, Greensborough.

Nerina will demonstrated Encaustic Wax Painting And Gold Leafing. More Information on Nerina is available at her website

20th June 2015: Richard Chamerski Demonstration

Richard Chamerski performed a demonstration on Saturday 20th June which was excellent with a great turn up of 22 members in attendance. What a great afternoon it was. Members were oil painters, water colourists, acrylic artists and graphite artists.

We were quite surprised to learn that the brush Richard prefers to use the most is a 2cm wide $1 pastry brush. He said “it isn’t the brush; it is what comes from within.” Even when doing the figures in the painting the small brush he used was about 5mm wide and the figures looked great.
He keeps his palette very simple using only cobalt, yellow ochre, cad yellow, alizarin crimson, light red, cad orange and a lot of white. He mixes all the colours he needs using only these colours. Depending on the sky colour he MAY use ultramarine.
Richard uses a HUGE tube of white paint in a silicon gun holder mixing it with Liquol for fast drying. He doesn’t use Liquol in any other colour as he mixes white with every other colour.
MDF is his board of choice coating it with wall undercoat to seal it then 2 coats of cheap Jesso. A nice little tip was “you don’t want the eye to wander off the edge of the edge of the painting, so keep bringing it back in with curving the foliage and figures then becoming more a focal point.
Richard is a self taught painter heavily influenced by the Heidelberg school painters. He gave us so much of his good knowledge and is such a delightful person. I’m pretty sure we walked out with a lot more knowledge than when we walked in.

Richards “From Plein Air to Studio” DVD is available to purchase for $35 at http://www.richardchamerski.com.au/ or borrow the DVAS copy from society library.
*Diane Gardner