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DVAS May Newsletter – Out Now!

The Diamond Valley Arts Society May Newsletter is out now.

We are aware that there a few teeny grammatical errors in the May edition, I had a very tight window in which to edit then convert the file ready for print and uploading, and unfortunately circumstances out of my control meant the final edit was more of a skim than a scan!  But enough about me, what do you think of this addition?

To see it for yourself  click here and the DVAS May newsletter will download to your computer. If you want a printed copy or have any suggestions for future newsletters please email Jo on admin@dvartsociety.com.au

To reduce our carbon footprint, it is preferable for the Society to provide an electronic version of the newsletter so you can read it online and not waste paper.  You can download your own version if you so choose and even print it off yourself.  The reduction in the postage costs has been considerable and has allowed us to use that money more wisely elsewhere.

We do still provide paper versions to those without email access or who don’t use the internet.  Those people elect to have the newsletter posted out to them.

This latest printed version again has unfortunately displayed the photos quite darkly even though I tried to lighten them beforehand. I had an enlightening discussion with Antony who has provided some ideas for editing photos in the next edition. The electronic version is fine.

See you all next month!

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